Part IV: Late-Late-Mid Plague

Mood, January 2021
Not featured: the additional bags that had to sit on people’s laps for 2 days straight.
Good on you for committing, Roswell.
White Sands National Park!

V: Early Late Plague

“What did you do in LA?” -> “SOBBING SOBBING OPENLY SOBBING”
The wig didn’t make the cut in the rapture, I guess.

Part VI: Mid-Late Plague

Hello New York!
I will take this over used car dealerships and barbed wire fences, even if I can’t find decent Mexican food.
  • Books. I read more books (real physical books, not audiobooks as I used to listen to) in 2021 than I read in 2020, and I read more books in 2020 than 2019. I read more now in New York than I did anywhere else, so I hope to read more books in 2022 than 2021.
  • Curating my information diet. Still no Facebook for me, aside from point uses like events or messaging. I’ve made progress diversifying my Twitter feed and news sources, but I admittedly still spend too much time on both, and plan to spend less time there in 2022. There are both better ways to be informed and better ways to be entertained.
  • Donating money. It felt like 2020 surfaced any number of urgent causes, and made it obvious that supporting them financially went further than showing up to a rally. I was no major philanthropist, but I did continue to set aside money for things that were either personally meaningful (the American Kidney Fund), local (Brooklyn food pantries and Afghan refugee resettlement in New York State), or impactful (various health-related programs recommended by GiveWell).
  • Investing in quality clothing. My best investment in 2020 was a pair of thick socks. My best investment in 2021 was a fall jacket, as part of a general “detox” of my San Francisco->pandemic wardrobe.
  • Shirazi salad, scrambled eggs, brie cheese, lox, turkey, spinach, and zaatar. I certainly can’t say any of these are new, but I do feel like the increase in my consumption of them has persisted beyond pre-pandemic levels.
It’s cheaper than therapy…as long as you don’t run the cost comparison.

Part VII: Late-Late Plague

View from Quarantine, The Sequel, when we tested positive on “vacation” in Lake County




Product @Square. Prior: built Canvas @occipital, co-founder @Fetchnotes, VP @Benzinga, and chief opinionator @michigandaily.

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Alex Schiff

Alex Schiff

Product @Square. Prior: built Canvas @occipital, co-founder @Fetchnotes, VP @Benzinga, and chief opinionator @michigandaily.

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