An Outsider’s Perspective on Silicon Valley

Old photo, glasses are much more hipster now.

“It’s where the internet lives.”*

Goes without saying, but the overwhelming majority of California’s VC dollars flow into the Bay Area.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows here…no actually, sometimes we get fog.

Real Friday afternoon in the Panera by the Caltrain station in San Francisco.

“So, what brought you here?”

“I’ll give you one guess what industry I work in.”


“Nope, I’m a writer.”

After about 15 seconds of shocked silence, they manage to say, “Wha…really?”

“Nope, just kidding! I work in tech.”

This is so spot-on it hurts.

Making friends (and more than friends)

On wealth, inequality, and awareness

Every day, thousands of people walk by this scene and try to avoid eye contact at all costs.

SF: where “weird” is normal

To be fair, this was at Maker Faire.

On the Bay Area itself (and other unorganized thoughts):

Atop the Twin Peaks
View from Mt Tamalpais. You can see SF off in the distance.
Fog rolling over Berkeley.
Mussel Rock Park in Daly City.



Product @Square. Prior: built Canvas @occipital, co-founder @Fetchnotes, VP @Benzinga, and chief opinionator @michigandaily.

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