• Ryan Dawidjan

    Ryan Dawidjan

    building NYC products and teams. // 🗣 w/ modern friends. big heuristic guy.

  • Tyler Kramer

    Tyler Kramer

    Michigan State University ‘17

  • Karl Pawlewicz

    Karl Pawlewicz

    The Voice of @Olark | Host of ‘All my friends are dads’ podcast | Founder, Self-Improvement Saturdays | “Someday, everything is gonna sound like a rhapsody.”

  • Thoughtcruncher


    Survivor of the mid-twentieth century. Renegade. “Humans are story-telling social animals.”

  • Lexi Ross

    Lexi Ross

    Software engineer, feminist.

  • BusinessLeads.com


    Crowdsourced business development. Nothing beats a referral from a trusted contact. #referrals #crowdsourcing #businessdevelopment #businessleads #salesleads

  • José Díaz

    José Díaz

    Building products and experiences putting customer first | Product Manager @ GrabPay | ex - PayPal | https://josediaz.myportfolio.com/

  • Justin Shaffer

    Justin Shaffer

    MLB.com - Hot Potato - Facebook - racing sailboats - skiing

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